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Long River Tai Chi Circle is the school of Wolfe Lowenthal, student of Cheng Man-ch'ing and author of the acclaimed There Are No Secrets, Gateway to the Miraculous , and Like a Long River

We practice Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing's "simplified" 37 posture Yang-style form. The three pillars of our study are Form, Sensing Hands, and Sword.

Long River Tai Chi Circle has branches in the US, Europe, and Colombia SA.

Wolfe writes: It was flexibility that was his (the professor's) tool. However, not a flexibility that results from everything being disjointed. The key is to combine the ideas of one-piecedness with flexibility, creating Taichi.
In the classics much is made of the quality of Taichi being like a whip, rather than a stick. It's relevant that a whip is still "one-pieced" but it is not rigid. It combines a unified chi with complete flexibility.
 ...we should remember that when we say "Relax," we are also saying, "Be loose."

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