Long River Tai Chi Circle

Audio/Visual Aids for Long River Students

There are "sketches" toward an instructional dvd that was never developed. They are here for whatever help they may provide.

Audio Only (mp3's)

For the very beginning of the form up to ward-off left, there are just audio-only files. From ward-off right we have videos, below.

Video Clips

All videos are now hosted on YouTube as private links. The numbered clips are in sequence and have audio instruction.

  1. WardOffRight, first test
  2. Roll Back, Studio
  3. Push
  4. Single Whip, Studio
  5. Single whip thru Brush Knee

Here are some external instructional links I have discovered while surfing. They may be of interest. The links will open a new browser window.
Glyn of JunTaiChi doing a form with minimal narration from YouTube
Prof Cheng early form from YouTube
Prof Cheng very early form from YouTube
Prof Cheng form in NYC from YouTube
Prof Cheng late form in NYC Riverside Park from YouTube
Huang Xing Xian (Mr. Huang) from YouTube
Prof Cheng video by Shr Jung NYC hosted
Prof Cheng video by Shr Jung NYC part 2 hosted