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Taichi Thoughts

Subscribe to Taichi Thoughts, an email publication of 12 monthly issues per year. In its pages you will find questions, answers, observations and insights from Wolfe Lowenthal, and many other subscribers, all exploring the solo form, push hands, sword, and the many ways in which Taichichuan relates to our daily lives.
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Tai Chi Chuan with Wolfe Lowenthal
Wolfe does two basic forms, one with narration facing the camera, the other facing away as if one were following him in class. Also included is Wolfe doing a sword form.
This half-hour video is an adjunct to study and a reminder of the fundamental principles of Tai Chi Chuan, rather than an instructional video.
DVD $50 + S&H

Like a Long River

The latest work by Wolfe Lowenthal - years of practicing, teaching, and pondering Taichi Thoughts.
$19.95 + S&H

Push Hands DVD

“The only thing bad about tai chi is that it is so hard to learn.”
-- Cheng Man-ching

Filmed in New York in June 2007, Wolfe is shown lecturing, correcting, and pushing with students as he develops the idea of receiving energy as the key to a push that “just happens”.

This disc will be an invaluable aid to those struggling to take their push hands beyond force and resistance.
Receiving DVD $50.00 + S&H

Salamanca 2006 DVD

A 45 minute video of the '06 workshop in Salamanca.

Ben Lo once asked Cheng Man-ching, “How come after all these years I still can’t push you?” “Do you think I’ve stopped improving?” answered the Professor.

This disc contains Wolfe Lowenthal leading a complete form, as well as his inimitable style of instruction on push hands and sword. It reflects the ten years of study by Wolfe since his last foray into video.
Salamanca 2006 Workshop DVD $50.00 + S&H

There Are No Secrets: Professor Cheng Man Ch'ing and His T'ai Chi Chuan

An acknowledged classic in the field of tai chi chuan.
$16.95 + S&H

Gateway to the Miraculous

Further explorations in the tao of Cheng Man-ch'ing.
$15.95 +S&H

Je Me Souviens

The music from Wolfe's video, plus additional tracks. Available on CD.
    Track Listing: (samples in mp3 format)
  1. Je Me Souviens
  2. My Lady Carey's Dompe
  3. Night Visit
  4. Bear Dance
  5. Streamers
  6. August Nights
  7. After the Rain
Je Me Souviens Audio CD $15.00 + S&H